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Good luck. This is the time to look and verify you do have gas in the tank also. I'm in the same boat as Bill, I have a small finite supply of the correct hard ones, but have no idea where I got them from - reality is it was so long ago, that business is probably long gone anyway. Decided to try and see if I could get it started up and found that the kickstart was stuck.

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Enter the username or e-mail you used in your profile. Randy a hot barelegged young woman wearing a short skirt,and strappy sandals is having trouble with her Vespa. The problem is, the more you practice, the more you risk damage to the cover. Reset Password. Once it's locked, pull the dust cover from the flywheel and unscrew the nut underneath. The kick start stick seems to be - Answered by a verified Motorcycle Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Additionally, there is a small metal tab on bottom of the flywheel side of the motor near the oil drain which can be used to help you.

At least that's what I've been told. Kickstart wasp. It's waterproof and locked, so it's a safe way to store things. Hi all, Got a problem with my kickstart - it goes all the way down and doesn't return back up unless I force it up. I'd start by pulling the spark plug and attempt to turn the motor over just to rule out compression If the motor is still stuck try pulling off the head to inspect the bore and top of the piston.

Great project bike to restore. We fixed this in 2. Trust me on this one. A woman is cranking her Vespa PK50 and try to ride away! Pingback by VespaLife. Then the box started rebooting whenever I selected the Now Playing list or when I tried accessing any menu item in general. I downloaded HitmanPro. Another woe on my ET4. I just replaced the kickstart gear and am able to use to the kickstart to start the moped, but everytime I turn it off and have to use it again, the kickstart gets stuck.

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I have done the following. On the third kick, Heebie started right up. New style V5. She keeps trying to kickstart it in her sandals but is having a very hard time keeping it running. I have to select 1st gear, release clutch lever , and rock the bike a bit, then select neutral, and kickstart lever is free to kick down.

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Nicky Romero and Cableguys got it all laid out for you. Free online source of Motorcycle videos, pictures, insurance, and Forums. Use the kickstart lever as a handle, and using "rocking" pressure, pull the cases apart. So,the total price I sell around USD1,, The kickstart plunger bolt had come loose, jammed against the kickstart ramp and locked things up. Being able to pull the plug and examine its color will diagnose A LOT of issues. I don't know about the Ducks, but a lot of fuel injected motors can't even be spun fast enough by hand foot?

So for the last 3 days, I have been kick starting my scooter but today the kickstart keeps getting stuck when I kick it and I have to unstick it to try and kick again, so, I can't start the scooter because of this Also there is a cone shaped gear that turns when you use the kick-start this could also be dislodged and may need replacing. The only reason I would want a kickstart is if it performed much better, like the derbi start engines vs. Vintage Vespa Item: Description: The waffle pattern kickstart rubber. A vibration or clanking sometimes felt though footpegs too signifies tight spots or stiff links.

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We ride a lot so we will always ensure the safety of our fellow riders and customers. Powered by our proprietary battery management system, you have peace-of-mind while recharging this PMD.

Kz400 hardtail kit

Eventually you have a small cable barrel attached to the end of the throttle cable which may got stuck. If the kickstart mechanism is jammed, but the engine is fine, just strip it back completely. Ninebot electric scooter is your first and last mile connection to the public transport network. After the 3rd attempt with no luck , the kickstart locked up on me, and now I can't budge it.

Hi, My bike vespa et2 50 cc carb version has been riding like a dream since I purchased it, but the last couple of months in the rainy weather conditions here in London it has been more and more difficult to start on the electrical start, and finally also on the kickstart. Coupled to this the metal used in them is too soft.

Amf bicycle value

I was thinking about putting in the battery and hitting the electric start for a second and see if it would spin. Motorcycle News and Reviews. How do i fix this.

I don't One drives a vintage Vespa and the other drives a heavy motorbike. Sometimes when kickstarting, the kick level will lock in the uppermost position. If yours look okay they may just need adjusting, so undo the solderless nipple, pull any slack with the pliers and tighten the nipple, repeat for the other cable. Report Abuse. My vespa px normally works fine. Anyway, whilst kick-starting said bike, the kickstart siezed.

So for the last 3 days, I have been kick starting my scooter but today the kickstart keeps getting stuck when I kick it and I have to unstick it to try and kick again, so, I can't start the scooter because of this Reset Password. Now, after sanding and setting the point gap and timing, with a stronger spark, it still won't turn over. She kicks and kicks with her beautiful legs but is stuck until the very end when it finally starts and revs. My seat on the lx vespa is stuck.

Vespa Beauty. I tried a Kickstart 57 last night and it has been in the green screen of death loop ever since. It is kept inside protected from the elements, that helps a lot. I have been experimenting with some kickstart files to automate installs it also includes Cobbler snippets. The flywheel side bearing on older motors was not different than the clutch side bearing.

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I will post more on this issue later. Older Vespa Engine Casing Split This is a very similar process to the post Vespa large frame casing split page except for one very important aspect. My concern was that if the engine was still actually stuck and I tried the electric start it would tear something up. The battery is dead but my mates tell me that a vespa px does not need a battery. If the battery drains the kickstart spools it up quickly. I switched on the gas, pulled the choke, and then attempted to kick start it.