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  3. Smallcakes: A Cupcakery and Creamery
  4. Gluten Free Bakeries in Lone Tree, Colorado

The spicy chicken is yummy. The sushi is great and a great value as well. You have to try this place:. I know its a chain. The Food for what it is always seams Good to me.. Waiting to see what you have to say. Thanks for what your doing.. Your a pretty cool guy..

Sean, you should try to catch one of the opening nights at Chamas E Fogo, the new Brazilian steakhouse churrascaria opening in the next few weeks. I think it will be right next door to the excellent Ninja Sushi on Pleasant Grove.

Harvest Club Items February -

This area needs a churrascaria. Check it out, Sean!!

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Awesome recon, thanks for the info! I guess the Brazilian place decided to go English instead of Portuguese.

$19.99 Synthetic Blend OR $49.99 Full Synthetic Oil Change Plus Disposal Fee

It was originally supposed to be Chamas E Fogo. The Crawfish place should be interesting, Perhaps seafood with a southern theme? Also, it appears the pasta restaurant in the Galleria may be repopening along with Quickly opening later this weeks. Thanks for all you do! Thanks for the heads up! Looks like Da Jung opened quietly in the last couple days.

I stopped in and grabbed a menu. Mall locations are tricky. Bhan Thai on the corner of Rocky Ridge and Cirby has recently opened. There also is a new wine lounge that will include food opening next store to Cookie Connection. And on that topic, Final Gravity technically would also be considered since it serves food.

Thanks for the info. Previously it was just hot dogs. Make sure you sit at the counter! The staff is amazing! Check back in a couple months! Hey, we recently purchased a coupon booklet and I was looking through it and I may have some intel for you. Thanks for the recon! The menu has once again incorporated seasonal, locally sourced ingredients including the Southern Fried Game Hen served with an Apple Slaw that is tossed in a Cider Maple Vinaigrette.

Another new addition is the Grilled Lamb Sirloin served on a bed of farro with shitake mushrooms, spinach and roasted cipolline onions. In addition, the Linguini and Clams- served in buerre blanc — a butter sauce made with a reduction of white wine and lemon, will also be available. Let me know a date and time that works for you. Da Jung has now closed. All I want is a long- island iced tea! Is that so wrong? Did you happen to notice if they are open yet?

Last time i stopped by it looked like they still had a ways to go. Enjoy it!


Going to pass it along. Thanks Lesley. I have no idea when it opened, however it was just there one day.. Love the blog! Two Boneshaker brewpubs now open, but I think both are considered Rocklin never know where the borders are! I mean, how may pizza and Pho places can you visit!?? Wonderful Italian food have won many awards. The decor, servers and owners are wonderful!!! Make sure you have a dosa which is a specialty of south Indian food. The food is spicey so if you are not into that let then know.

Is this ZS Indian Market?

If so then I have actually been there! They food is very good and they give a ton of it. It is in the same center at Sliders Burgers just a few doors down. A variety of asian food and drinks. As someone who moved into the area last year, I have found your website a great way to find new places to eat.

Thank You! It has some of the best ribs I have had ever!

Smallcakes: A Cupcakery and Creamery

Their lunch plates are a great value — 1, 2, or 3 meats, a side, dessert, and ice tea. Generous portions. It is my new favorite restaurant and since you have helped me find so many good places I wanted to return the favor and your website did say you are branching out of Roseville…. Thanks for the heads up.

I had checked over there a bunch and ended up forgetting about it because I never saw it. Aloha from the beautiful island of Kauai! I followed your blog faithfully when I lived in Ca and so happy you are back after the short break!

Gluten Free Bakeries in Lone Tree, Colorado

They are located in the same center and Kuzoko Chicken. Their 13 Banh Mi was a staple of my diet the past few years. Lincoln land lord pushed them out with an unreasonable lease making Roseville the lucky ones! His cooking is a notch more upscale than most other Vietnamese restaurants, but he needs some press to stay in business.

Stop by and see what you think! Anyway, we loved it.