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When you climax, the orgasm is intense and you are capable of ejaculating an impressive volume of semen forcefully with an arc-like trajectory. Even with such sexual power, there is often an Achilles heel. The number one male sexual disorder - premature ejaculation - plagues a very large percentage of young men. Things start to change ever so slowly, perhaps even so gradually that you barely even notice them. Your sex drive remains vigorous, but it is not quite as obsessive and all consuming as it once was. You still get quality erections, but they may not occur as spontaneously.

You may require some touch stimulation to develop full rigidity. The time it takes to achieve another erection after ejaculating increases. After age 40, changes become more obvious. You are still interested in sex, but not nearly with the passion you had two decades earlier. You can usually get a pretty good quality erection, but it now often requires touch stimulation.

At times you may lose the erection before the sexual act is completed. You notice that orgasms have lost some of their kick and ejaculation has become a bit feebler than previous. Getting a second erection after climax is often difficult.

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Sexual function is noticeably diminished. Nighttime and morning erections become few and far between. The frequency of intercourse declines while the frequency of prematurely losing the erection before the sexual act is complete increases. Sex is no longer a sport, but a recreational activity, sometimes just reserved for the weekends.

This is not a good decade for male sexual function. Your testosterone level has plummeted over the decades, probably accounting for your diminished desire. Erections are still obtainable but often require a good amount of coaxing and coercion. They are less reliable, and at times your penis suffers with attention deficit disorder, unable to focus and losing its mojo prematurely, unable to complete the task at hand. Spontaneous erections, nighttime, and early morning erections become rare occurrences. Climax is, well, not so climactic and explosive ejaculations are a matter of history.

The quality of your erections has noticeably dropped. At times, the best that you can do is to obtain a partially inflated erection that cannot penetrate, despite pushing, shoving and manipulating every which way. Spontaneous erections are all but gone. Although you as an octogenarian may still be able to have sex, most of your brethren cannot; however, they remain appreciative that at least they still have their penises to use as spigots, allowing them to stand to urinate!

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If you are able to have sex on your birthday and anniversary, you are doing much better than most. You can live vicariously through pleasant memories of your days of glory that are lodged deep in the recesses of your mind, as long as your memory holds out! So, when and if you get an erection, you never want to waste it! What can you do to help maintain your erections as you age?

This condom didn't do anything for me or my husband. Wouldn't recommend it unless your only concern is breakage.

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One of the best extra strength condoms out there. People say they couldn't feel anything, well that's probably the girl no offense these are great for those one nighters. Condoms come in all shapes and sizes.

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This chart should help you in pick the right condom style that will aid in making condom wearing more enjoyable. Customer Service My Account 0. LifeStyles Extra Strength Condoms 4. LifeStyles Extra Strength latex condoms are the original extra strength condoms. Not only do they provide extra peace of mind when it comes to staying protected, they offer a great deal of sensitivity as well. When you use LifeStyles Extra Strength condoms, you can rest assured knowing that you chose the highest quality extra strength condom available. No Free Shipping on Case Quantity over 1, Extra-strength condoms are great for people who are concerned about condom breaks.

For those who are interested in thicker condoms for longer performance, we sometimes find it helpful to add an erection ring or climax control condoms. I love this condom added thickness and strength so when your not really sure about your partner. Great condom. I have never had one break on me. Will buy again. Mark - Chicago IL - 5 Stars. Dave p - Nee York - 5 Stars. Been using it for years just wish they had one size bigger though too tight on me.

Pete - Charlotte - 4 Stars. Nicholas - - 4 Stars.

Review of The Bluechew Ordering Process

Lisa Favara - - 5 Stars. Kurt Bennett - - 4 Stars. Felix Customer - - 5 Stars. Monique Breaux - - 5 Stars.

Cost & Dates

Mike - Atlanta, GA - 5 Stars. Craig - Atlanta,GA - 5 Stars. This a good condom try these I wish they we sell these everywhere.

Matthew - Valdosta, GA - 5 Stars. The condoms have broken during anal sex, this one is by far the best choice for that Jason - Cleveland, Ohio - 4 Stars. David - St. Louis MO - 2 Stars.

Sex Pills Reviews Penis Enhancement | Jornal O País

This condom is the worst condom I have ever used. I couldn't feel anything with this condom. Anonymous - Lexington, Ky - 1 Stars. Jamar - Palmer, AK - 5 Stars. Awesome condom.

Great fit, always stayed in place and didn't roll up on me during rough sex.