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Joined Nov 27, Messages 3, I would agree that it's worth it if it's in the condition that you described, especially if it comes with any tooling too. It would be a great addition to you HF8x14 that's for sure. Joined Dec 22, Messages If you get it, you may want to look into converting the gear drive to belt drive if it hasn't been done yet.

The belt drive is a great improvement. A few relatively simple tweeks like a proper tramming, and you'll have a capable little mill. I bought one new about 2 months ago and I'm very happy with it.

Recomendations on Harbor Freight Drill Press

Joined Oct 23, Messages I have the Harbor Feright Mini Mill Aside from having to set the gibs proper, convert it to 20TPI leadscrews and a few other elective modes ast the air spring and the spring release bar to hold the spindle while changing collets I would say its a pretty fair machine Do not expect a new one out of the box as "ready to run". You need to go over them. Joined Jan 30, Messages 6. OTOH the guy is magical, so the teaching part is a win-win.

We have a small desktop mill. Plenty of tutorials for getting started. Drilling with a mill is pretty much as easy as drilling with a drill press. Just a suggestion. Little Machine shop and Harbor Freight both have options that are a little cheaper than this one, but I cannot speak on the quality of those machines.

Searching on Craiglist found a couple of nice Delta drill presses in your area. Those will probably be better quality than the Harbor Freight ones. They do just about everything a drill press does, but much more - especially working with aluminum. We have one of these that we even take to competitions. We also have one of these. We purchased a lathe a few years ago from Grizzly and we did the due research. We like it - and it has been great thus far. We are looking to upgrade in the next couple of years. The defining feature of a mill is a table that moves repeatably and holds its position in the X and Y axes, and a spindle that moves repeatably and holds its position in the Z axis.

Harbor Freight 44991 mini mill for $300?

Using a mill allows you to control the distance between two holes by precisely moving the table with the part attached, rather than by moving the part relative to the table by hand. Mills are also usually sturdier than drill presses, and generally will hold better tolerances.

If you are interested in going this route, go through the steps necessary to have some cash available so you are ready to buy it as soon as an ad appears. Please go HERE and place your vote! Search Forums. Go to Page Sponsored Links Register now to hide all advertisements.

Harbor Freight "Sieg x2" milling machine $ (25% off coupon)

Re: Harbor Freight Coupon Thread. That coupon is in the pdf I just posted too, a little better quality since I scanned it in. Please Post them Here. Originally Posted by leftyz. Originally Posted by wvrailroader. I couldn't see it because the pdf wouldn't open for me. Actually the pdf looks like crap on my phone anyhow, not sure what the deal is with it.. Is there a coupon for the 1,lb capacity trailer or ?

BTW, Lefty, the pdf looks fine on my pc.

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Sometime things look blurry on my phone until they fully load. Originally Posted by diggerrick. Someone on reddit posted that they are an employee at HF and spotted a piece of paper with the dates for future parking lot sales.. Do you know why the file is so large 86MB? Originally Posted by gabeancounter. I'll start uploading the coupons individually, it's a ton of work but I know it is worth it for people to be able to use the database Sent from my SGH-M using Tapatalk.

I asked this in the tool discussion thread, maybe I should have asked here first.

I am looking at getting this mini mill between now and Christmas. This is never in store, must be ordered online. If I ship it to a store for pickup, are there still shipping charges? Originally Posted by FMC Thank you very much leftyz.