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In this procedure, a special lens is placed inside the eye to correct refractive error. To ensure optimal outcome, a screening examination is required prior to undergoing laser refractive surgery. Using advanced diagnostic exams and imaging, our doctors will provide you with most comprehensive eye examination. After the screening, our refractive specialist will discuss with you the different types of laser surgery and specify the laser procedure that is ideal for you. Let us help you achieve better eye sight. Call Vision Laser Service at ext. Toggle navigation.

Click here to read the Privacy Statement in full I accept the terms in St. Got it! From our first talk, it was clear — he knew what he was doing.

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Before the surgery, we were given kits and an orientation to understand what was going to happen before, during, and after the operation. The transparency definitely helped relieve my anxiety about the pending procedure. I literally had to just lie on the surgical bed for about 10 minutes. But let me take you through the process as best as I can.

Guerrero was with me every step of the way.

Dr. Lawrence S. Tinio

He kept sharing his reminders which were to refrain from moving and to always just look at the green light or straight ahead. Clamps helped keep my eyes open as Dr. Guerrero was positioning me for the operation. It also helped that they had used anesthetic drops before the operation.

Once the procedure had begun, Dr. Just look at the green light, look straight. All I had to do was to follow Dr. While I was looking at the green dot, I had felt a bit pressure around the surface of my eye. And then Dr. As mentioned earlier, it was hard to believe that everything was done in 10 minutes or less.

LASIK | ROQUE Eye Clinic |

It was apparent that I could see what would normally just be a blur to me during my pre-lasik surgery days right after the operation. There was, however, like what had been shared during my consultation with Dr. I had my bestfriend Pam with me, who was my Lasik mommy. Expectations: The anesthesia will start to wane on the 30 minute mark after your surgery. Go to your room directly, make arrangements for food and rest there. You will start to feel pain—like when your eyes are too dry after a long-haul flight—or sometimes it also felt like there was a sharp pain, a sharp thing inside my eyes.

Your eyes will also force themselves to close and you will find it difficult to focus on anything.

LASIK is not the Only Option: Different Types of Laser Refractive Surgery You Must Consider.

This is okay. Again, you will be okay. Let the tears flow, close your eyes, listen to something to ease the boredom and lie down on your back. I listened to some comedy for this. It gets better after.

What Is The Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery?

Every 3 hours, use your eye drops — 2 drops per eye—start with the inflammatory one, then the antibacterial. You have to do this and be faithful to this schedule for the first 24 hours. After that, you can just use the eye drops 3x a day, maybe when you take your meals. The recovery is awesome. Just trusttheprocess. Here are a few pointers:. Day 1 — After you sleep, your eyes will be able to open with less discomfort.

Very minimal phone or laptop use, limit to a maximum of 10 minutes at a time. Eye drops 3x a day during waking hours, just the antibacterial and anti- inflammatory. Day — Your discomfort will be lessened significantly, and you will be able to open your eyes, walk around, and even go out. Just wear sunglasses.

Lasik surgery cost philippines

You can use your gadgets for up to 30 minutes at a time recommended screen time. Eye drops x a day. Day — You will mostly be back to regular programming by now. After those drops, you can move to using the fake tears recommended brand: Systane because your eyes will feel dry for the first few months after LASIK.

A really big factor for me was having the right consultant. They will really take care of you and will be in touch. You can get in touch with her, tell her I sent you and buy her some fine wine. Paseo de Roxas.

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