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March 3, 2015
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As a homeschooler, you are probably getting quite a few emails from organizations that want you to stop homeschooling independently. These emails from schools, parent partnerships, and alternative education programs make many promises. They benefit financially when they make you feel inadequate and incapable. If you feel less than adequate when you read an advertisement, steer clear. You are capable of homeschooling, even at the high school level.

You have what it takes. You have what you need. You can do this! Parent partnership programs and alternative education programs see homeschoolers as a source of income.

When you use their programs, they get money. Whether they receive money from the government or money directly from homeschoolers, these programs benefit financially when they make you feel inadequate and incapable. Once you sign up, they can exert control over your homeschool. They love you but there are strings attached.

Any time you accept public money, you give up some control in exchange. These programs may claim to love homeschoolers, and promise they will not exert control over a homeschool, but they can. They often require that your child be evaluated by a teacher, maintain a certain number of hours in a digital classroom, or submit work to be graded. Programs may require you to choose a curriculum from an approved list and refuse to approve of your choice of curriculum. Many will not allow you to teach using your worldview, a religious curriculum, or religious instruction.

More concerning than what they require is the attitude these programs convey.

Alternative education programs can change their policy at any time. I have seen this happen. Families start with a program and feel satisfied with it, and then the following year the rules change. Homeschool parents are the REAL teacher. Advertisements for parent partnerships and school systems are trying to make you feel inadequate. Look at what these advertisements imply. In fact, my children's high school diplomas were real enough to earn college admission and scholarships.

School-at-home will NOT make you a better home educator. School-at-home advertisements can seem impressive, but read carefully and look over the details. That doesn't sound individualized. What could be more individualized than you finding curriculum for each specific child in your homeschool?

Homeschool Blogs

An advisor should be encouraging you to follow your heart and your intimate knowledge of your child anyway. Remember that so-called outstanding curriculum choices may only include limited options. You can include a public school calculus or band class, a co-op class, a distance-learning class, and a community college class all on one official homeschool transcript. Record keeping is often less difficult when you homeschool independently, because you can do it your own way. You can spend as little or as much as you need or want to in order to create a suitable education for your child.

Without giving up freedom, you can educate without tuition payments. Most importantly, school-at-home and public school supplemental programs are not a good fit if you are homeschooling in order to avoid the trappings of the school system. Homeschooling WILL make you a better home educator.

You immediately reap the rewards of a closer relationship with your child, too! Homeschooling can make your child more pleasant to be around. At the same time, it will increase your love for your child and your awareness of their academic needs, so you will become a better home educator over time. So you can see that homeschooling will make you a better home educator as time goes by.

Continuing education WILL make you a better home educator. Nurses, doctors, and other professionals are required to take continuing education courses each year in many states. They need to stay up-to-date on the latest research and trends. Homeschooling parents have a similar need of continuing education. Invest in yourself and your vocation as a homeschool educator. A huge determining factor in your success as a homeschooler depends not on how much money you spend, but where you spend the money you have. Invest in yourself as a home educator. Especially as high school and college are approaching, don't be afraid — be assertive.

This is your job, after all, and you need to have what it takes to succeed. Not everyone has support groups available and some support groups rarely discuss high school issues and concerns.

Available Now!

Don't ignore the problem of high school, because it won't simply go away. There are four ways to invest in yourself: buy a book, take a class, attend a convention, or get individual help. Some homeschoolers have a support group with a great lending library. Support groups may offer classes on homeschooling high school.

You may be able to find a convention nearby.

Top 100 Homeschool Blogs & Websites To Follow in 12222

Some parents have older, successful homeschool friends to lean on. However, my job is to make sure that everyone has these resources, no matter where they live, so they are available to everyone. Investing in your vocation WILL make you a better home educator. Learn more about the next step in your homeschool journey, and more about the areas that are challenging for you, before you become afraid or anxious.

In case you are wondering how I can help, here are four ways to invest in yourself as a home educator from my website.

Most libraries also offer free wi-fi and make computers available to patrons. There are several language learning apps such as Duolingo and Memrise. Apps like Reading Eggs and ABC Mouse both require a subscription after the trial period are perfect for engaging young learners. Apple Education is an excellent resource for iOS users. There are over , educational apps available. Starfall is another free resource that has been around as long as my family has been homeschooling. Launched in , the website now includes an app for smartphone and tablet users.

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Originally started as an online reading instruction program, Starfall has expanded to include math skills for young learners. Both were started to provide access to a quality education to students everywhere.

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CNN Student News is an excellent free resource for current events. For nature study, the best free resource is the great outdoors itself. Couple that with sites such as:. In addition to the library, keep other local resources in mind.

Home School NYC - home page

Many homeschooling families like to suggest museum and zoo memberships as holiday gifts from grandparents. Even if parents purchase the memberships themselves, they can still prove to be inexpensive homeschooling resources long-term. Many zoos, museums, and aquariums offer reciprocal memberships, allowing members to visit participating locations at a free or discounted rate.

So, a local zoo membership may also provide access to other zoos throughout the country. Sometimes there are also free nights for similar venues within a city. Printing off random free math printables is likely not going to ensure a strong foundation. However, if parents have a plan in mind for the concepts a child needs to learn and the order in which he needs to learn them, they may be able to successfully pull together the right series of free resources. Homeschooling parents should avoid using printables or other free resources as busy work.

Instead, they should make sure that the resources have a purpose in teaching a concept that their child needs to learn. Homeschooling can be done without spending hundreds of dollars a year. To help make your homeschool budget stretch farther, look for free stuff for your homeschool with these simple tips. These large sites have databases full of thousands of free printables and resources. They strive to bring you great deals on homeschool goodies that will help cut your budget further. Use your local library to enjoy books and movies at no cost rather than buying your own.

Make friends with your local librarians for regular updates on free educational activities going on nearby. Check Pinterest to find free printables and lessons for nearly any topic. A simple search will pull up endless printables that will help make building any unit study a breeze. Make boards for each topic to help keep everything organized. With these groups, you can gather limited time freebies that bloggers share with you.

Be active in commenting in these groups so Facebook will put the posts in your feed allowing you to never miss a thing. Amazon offers an entire range of free digital textbooks for all levels.